8-Bit Nintendo’s First Tweet

I finally fulfilled a childhood dream; I used the NES expansion port to enhance the NES! I created an interface and a homebrew cartridge for it which allows it to send tweets.

Read all about it here!

5 thoughts on “8-Bit Nintendo’s First Tweet

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  3. Great project, and excellent write-up! I really feel like I learned more about the NES by seeing the process from your perspective. Looking forward to more awesomeness!

    I made a few NES Cartridge breakout boards, basically just an easy way to connect wires to NES Cart Slot headers for experiments: http://soniktech.com/chipmaestro/assets/breakout.jpg

    I’d love to donate one to you to help your research 🙂

    • Wow what a great offer, those look really awesome. When I start a new project I’ll probably take you up on that. Have you or anyone else used them for anything? I’d love to see what others have come up with.

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