Custom Bokeh Pattern

At work I’ve been taking the proof of concept depth of field work I’ve done and iterating on it. One thing I wanted to do was have easier control over authoring and visualizing a bokeh pattern.

I decided to write a quick web page which will generate a bokeh pattern based on a couple of user supplied inputs. It will output a visualization of it and the hlsl code for it. If anyone is interested in using it the link is here:

GPU – Set Stable Power State

I’ve been doing some Vulkan recently and I needed to lock the GPU frequency. Nvidia has posted some code to do it – but strangely enough – it was just on a webpage not on github. So, I’ve added it to a repo and included a compiled executable. Just run it as a separate process and it’ll lock your GPU frequency for any workloads you’re profiling.

I use GPU-Z to check my GPU frequency: